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Embark on an unforgettable story of a little boy whose passion for ocean liners not only made his dreams come true, but has kept the stories of these amazing ships alive for countless new generations to enjoy.

"What a magic film which creatively captures the personality and spirit of Mr. Ocean Liner! A wonderful profile of a wonderful man who shares his life and his contagious passions with one and all." -Ernest L. Raab, Chariman, SS United States Trust

"A wonderful journey of human spirit and love for the Golden Age of Ocean Travel with sensational footage of Great Ocean Liners of the past, interviews and stories of a young boy from Hoboken fulfilling a life long dream. The stuff of maritime legend!" -Paul O'Laughlin, Entertainment Director Cunard

"A brilliantly presented documentation of an amazing man and his career." -Richard Faber, Ocean Liner Collector & Dealer

Background Photos Courtesy Bill Miller Collection

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Mr. Ocean Liner was featured as part of CINEMATIC PASSAGES: OCEAN LINERS ON SCREEN at Lincoln Center. Sponsored by  rev 11.19